16th October 2014


One more week

One more week until our first (and at least in the foreseeable future also only) live perfomance! Last weekend’s rehearsals went pretty well, apart from the fact that my throat is still recovering … ahem! Looking forward to next weekend’s dress rehearsal. And to you supporting us while we support the mighty DEATHSTARS from Sweden! Please contact me for a special price ticket (20 Euro instead of 26).

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5th September 2014


Confirmed as support band of Deathstars on 23rd October 2014 in Graz / Austria

I am very proud to announce that NONEXISTENCE has been confirmed as support band of DEATHSTARS for their show in Graz / Austria on 23rd October 2014!

As a long time fan of the band since their first album this is very exciting for me as you might imagine! So if you come join us at our very first show we’ll be pretty glad! Please drop me a line if you’d like a ticket.



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6th August 2014


"Nihil" will finally be available again as a digital album from Candlelight Records on 29. September 2014! →


Created in 2002, NONEXISTENCE is musician Philip Santoll. Now backed by Finnish multi-instrumentalist and FME awardee Tuomas Saukkonen, famous for Black Sun Aeon and Before The Dawn amongst others, Philip endured a “troublesome production” recording and producing the 2007 debut album ‘Nihil’ on his own to create “ten songs of solitude and void”.

Combining the desolated gloom and intense majesty of both Doom and Black Metal with a lyrical concept of voidness in many forms, the music of NONEXISTENCE is the soundtrack to darkness, solitude and emptiness in both cosmological scales and personal dimensions. Opulent soundscapes between slow motion and blast beats, a haunting bleakness devoid of compare. Freezing walls of guitars, epic leads, atmospheric layers of keyboards and versatile fierce vocals from ultra low to piercing high create a musical symbiosis of its own: Cosmic Doom Black Metal.

‘Nihil’ will be available digitally for the first time ever via Candlelight Records on September 29th, 2014.

Pre-order ‘Nihil’ on iTunes

Pre-order ‘Nihil’ on Bandcamp

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28th April 2014


New cover version released today: "Eternal" by Paradise Lost →

Yeah, a new song by yours truly has been released today! Nonexistence is featured on the "Legion III" sampler of Candlelight Records with a cover version of "Eternal" by Paradise Lost. So spend a buck, buy the track!

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26th February 2014


Review "Antarctica": BLACK METAL SPIRIT (en Español) 7,8/10 →

En definitiva, un disco de metal extremo melódico (no vamos a encasillarlo solo dentro de estilo, sería injusto), con un gran trabajo de sonido y producción, suena muy logrado, pero que resulta previsible desde el primer momento…(more)

Rieview by Fran Rocha Fernández

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11th February 2014


Recording a cover version for next Candlelight Sampler

Currently recording a cover version of one of my all-time favourite songs which is soon to be released on the “Legion III” sampler by Candlelight Records. Guitars and vocals are already done, now starting with keys and mixing. Oh, and the song is called “Eternal”.

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8th January 2014


Candlelight Sampler available featuring Nonexistence’s “Hope Dies First”

Candlelight Records has recently released the digital sampler album "Legion II" featuring tracks from every Candlelight release of 2013. Nonexistence is featured with "Hope Dies First", the album opener of “Antarctica”. Go get the sampler here!

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8th January 2014


Anonymous said: Hello. I wonder what tuning did you use on the album "Antarctica" ?

Hi! The songs on “Antarctica” are performed in Drop Awhich is from low to high A- F - A- D- G - C.

I’m into drop tunings (i.e. the lowest string is 2 steps lower than in standard tuning) since day no. 1 with my first electric guitar as the only song I could almost something like kind of perform at that time was Metallica’s "The Thing That Should Not Be" which uses Drop D tuning. And even later I’ve always preferred a drop tuning to the standard tuning as low power chords are easier to play and the sound is fatter because of the lower tuning. Then gradually my entire tuning went lower over the years, from Drop D and Drop C# to Drop C (which is used on “Nihil”) and finally to Drop A#, which at last provides me with the desired sound! 

12th December 2013


Review "Antarctica": stormbringer.at (in German) 5/5 →

Mit „Antarctica“ legen NONEXISTENCE ein außergewöhnliches Album vor, das mit komplexen und abwechslungsreichen Songstrukturen und eiskalter Atmosphäre überzeugt. Basierend auf sinfonischem Black-Metal und Doom-Metal, schaffen es NONEXISTENCE ihre eigene, energiegeladene Sprache zu transportieren. Trotz aller Klangopulenz hat der Zuhörer nie das Gefühl, von überbordender Notendichte erschlagen zu werden, alles klingt klar und fokussiert: Ein Zeichen kompositorischen Fingerspitzengefühls… mehr

Review von Wolfgang Milchrahm

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27th September 2013


Review "Antarctica": metalreviews.com 87/100 →

Antarctica is an easy album to under-appreciate without listening to it carefully, but it really is beautifully done and has a lot of variety in the tracks, though all songs have a similar sonic theme of dark, cold loneliness…more

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1st September 2013


Review "Antarctica": Rock Hard (in Greek) 8/10 →

Σας αρέσουν τα προαναφερθέντα συγκροτήματα; Ή τέλος πάντων η μελωδική ακραία μουσική των 90’s; Τότε το “Antarctica” είναι ένας δίσκος που θα ακούσετε ξανά και ξανά. Δεν αναπαράγει… απλά “πατάει” σε κάποιες φόρμες, δημιουργώντας της δικές του μοναδικές “κοσμογονικές” συνθέσεις… more

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23rd August 2013


Tear down the wall!

I am very excited that I will soon attend the live experience of one of the earliest albums I can remember listening to and therefore one of the most important and formative albums of my life: THE WALL. Although I never had a chance to attend a live concert of Pink Floyd, at least I have seen Roger Waters and David Gilmour perform their respective live sets. And today, after more than 30 years, I may finally behold the wall rise and collapse before my eyes. Awesome!

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6th August 2013


Review "Antarctica": metalimperium.com 8.6/10 →

Temas fortes e independentes criam um disco bastante sólido onde nada é deixando ao acaso e isso é sinómino de qualidade que deve ser reconhecida. „Antarctica“ é un álbum que merece ser ouvido… more

Review por Tiago Neves

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23rd July 2013


Review "Antarctica": metal-nose.org (Nederlands) 9,5/10 →

Twee uitersten van het muzikale spectrum zijn hier versmolten tot een voortreffelijk geheel: rigoureuze black/doom metal en toegankelijkheid. Een topper! … more

Review by Vera

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18th July 2013


Please listen to the new album and share the link! →

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